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The new, larger touring capacity trunk that can be adapted to fit just about anything! Corbin’s Fleetliner trunk has a simple four-bolt platform that can be used with a wide variety of luggage racks or a bracket of your own design. Provides 71 liters of storage with a shape designed to facilitate TWO full face helmets.

The organic lines of the Fleetliner trunk do a great job of visually disguising the massive storage it provides. Triple chrome strips give a nice accent and further minimize the appearance on the bike. The Corbin wizards created a shape that integrates well with the smooth, flowing lines of today’s Cruiser motorcycle. This shape more aerodynamically efficient too so the trunk slips through the wind easier.

Inside, the Corbin trunk offers plenty of room for a weekend trip. As mentioned above, it’s large enough to hold two full face helmets with room to pack around it. Fully lined to protect your contents during travel. Rubber weather stripping keeps contents dry should you get caught in nasty weather. Of course the door locks for security and opens up and forward so it will self close if forgotten.

Manufactured of our durable Fibertech material, Fleetliner trunk comes complete and ready to install. Weather stripping, liner, hinges and door lock hardware come preinstalled. Available in either primer or prepainted gloss black and ready to install.

Includes passenger backrest pad for copilot’s comfort. Passenger pad is contructed with our exclusive Comfort Cell foam for firm support. Sculpted to fit the shape of the human body for proper weight distribution and more square inches of body contact. Naturally, just like our seats, we cover the pad in genuine leather. Choose from a range of leather options to create a look from mild to wild. Naturally, if you’re running a Corbin saddle, we’ll make the trunk pad to match.

A quick comparison…
Since there’s no real standard for comparison, we’ll use a couple of commonly seen touring trunks to give you the idea. Harley-Davidson makes two different “Tour Pak” models for their touring bikes, the King Tour Pak is the most often seen. Our other comparison is the stock trunk built into the Honda Goldwing 1800. Here’s how they all stack up:

Corbin Fleetliner Trunk Capacity: 71 Liters
H-D Chopped Tour Pak: 46 Liters
Honda Goldwing Trunk: 61 Liters
H-D King Tour Pak: 63 Liters

Installation is simple as the Corbin trunk bolts to virtually any flat surface that can provide at least four bolt locations and a footprint of roughly 6.5″ x 11″ or more. Corbin trunk actually has SIX bolt locations to allow more flexibility. AT LEAST four bolts are required though we recommend using all six when possible. A template of the bolt pattern can be seen below in the Special Notes section.


Fibertech Construction
Manufactured of our exclusive Fibertech™ material for durability and a clean finish. Specially formulated for Corbin, Fibertech™ gives us very tight tolerances with minimal shrinkage so each part comes out true to the original design.

We use a quality gel-coat for a nice finish that doesn’t show material weave. When ordering parts in “primer gel-coat” you can expect a part ready for your painter’s preparation. Most Corbin components are also available prepainted and ready for immediate installation.

Corbin Fleetliner Trunk comes fully lined with a nice, thick grey liner on the inside to protect your cargo. Sure seal weather stripping around the doors keeps out the elements. Locking doors keep contents secure.

Leather Trunkpad
Trunk includes the passenger backrest pad in your choice of leather textures and colors. Provides a luxurious ride and a wide contact patch


Saddle Cream
Take good care of your new seat and it will take care of you! Perfect for all your leather goods.
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Barstools & auto designs. Ready for a Corbin seat inside your house? A big hit for the man cave!
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  • OUTSIDE: 23″ Long x 27″ Wide x 16″ Tall
  • INSIDE: 18″ Long x 24″ wide x 12″ Tall
  • Capacity: 71 Liters

If you have a luggage rack on your motorcycle already, you will likely be able to install our trunk directly. In this image you can see how the Corbin trunk bolts to a Harley-Davidson manufactured luggage rack using four of the six bolt locations. Six holes are provided to add versatility to the trunk design, you must use AT LEAST four of these.

You can use this image as a guide if you wish to build your own mounting rack or to compare with your existing one. Remember, you must use AT LEAST one group of four holes for installation. This will also be a good reference to estimate the footprint required.

NOTE: Because brackets for installation are supplied by the owner for the universal trunks and are custom in nature, we can NOT offer free installation of this part.

Corbin saddles (with very few exceptions) include Genuine Leather Seating to provide a luxurious look and feel….   don’t let anybody tell you that vinyl is just as good! You wouldn’t buy vinyl boots would you?

Warning: Heater elements (when available) should never be installed in motorcycle seats that will be used by riders that cannot sense heat. This could create a hazardous condition.


FITMENT NOTE: Corbin products are designed to fit very close to your bike for a clean look. Due to this, other accessories or options can inhibit proper fit. As an example: Tank Consoles (dashes), ignition modules, exhaust systems, sissy bars, etc. If you have accessories installed on your bike, please let us know so we can verify the fit for you.

CUSTOM COVERS: You are always welcome to choose from our wide variety of colors and material options for your saddle. We provide these options at no extra charge as long as we can use our existing cover patterns. Creating a new cover design requires specialized custom work and will result in additional charges.

SADDLE WARRANTY: Basepan, foam and hardware of the Corbin saddle is warranted to the original owner for life. Cover materials, Heaters, Coolers and workmanship are warranted for one year. Product will only be authorized to be shipped back, freight pre-paid, for refining of shape or to replace/rectify defective parts. In cases where the rework requires a new cover, a recover charge will be applied. Cash or credit refunds are not available. All goods being handled for customer service consideration must be accompanied by a Corbin receipt and a Return Material Authorization number (RMA).

FIBERGLASS WARRANTY: Structural integrity of Corbin fiberglass components are warranted to the original owner for life. Finish and paint are warranted against manufacturing defect for one year. Damage to product and / or painted surfaces from outside forces or misuse is specifically not covered under warranty. Cash or credit refunds are not available. All goods being handled for customer service consideration must be accompanied by a Corbin receipt and a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number.
A note about paint color matching, PLEASE READ

EXPORT SALES: USA pricing shown. When products are shipped throughout the world, you will see higher prices because of freight, customs, duty & applicable taxes. Please consider these costs when purchasing Corbin products outside the USA. If ordering direct from Corbin, we will compute freight charges and add them to the order. BUYER will be responsible for customs, taxes, duty or other charges.


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